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By improving the speed and scalability of your website, we accelerate the growth of your online business, whatever it may be (company website, blog, affiliate site, web magazine or newspaper). You will not lose money because your website is not loading fast enough or breaks on the first traffic spike.

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accelerate growth

Better conversion rate

Studies made by Amazon, Google & others had shown clearly that faster website have an improved conversion rate. The slower your website is, the less likely your visitor is to buy, contact you, or comment. 1 second slower equals 7% reduction in conversions.

More pageviews

1 second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer pageviews. The faster your website loads, the more likely your visitors are to spend a larger amount of time on your website. That’s more pageviews for you and more money from ads.

Better rankings

Google loves faster websites. A faster site ranks better in the search engines leading to more visitors to your site. Sure, we cannot guarantee better rankings in the search results, however having a faster website will increase your chances for better rankings.

Premium software on performance hardware

CloudLinux, Litespeed, Percona, R1Soft, SpamExperts, RAID-10 SSD

100% Isolation – All customers on the server are isolated from each other with the Cloudlinux CageFS feature so everyone is safe and stable.

Performance – We use LiteSpeed for faster PHP processing, Percona for faster queries and RAID-10 SSD drives for faster read/write speeds.

Security – We have implemented rigorous security policies across our servers and we can help you with additional security solutions for WordPress.

Daily Backups  – We backup daily off-site via R1Soft and retain backups for 7 days allowing to be quickly restored with minimal disruption of service.

99,9% Uptime – Better uptime is our main objective. We guarantee 99.9% website uptime monthly and strive to achieve a 100% uptime for all customers.

100% Compatible – Our web hosting is 100% compatible with any PHP application (Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento etc …) and we can even host Ghost blogs.

What our clients say

Ariel Constantinof

I do not understand much of the technical side of what actually does but I can only confirm that, yes, everything moves waaaay faster. They’re, really, the best hosting for WordPress.

– Ariel Constantinof, blogger

Ciprian Gavriliu

I switched to after being frustrated with a much larger and visible hosting company where I was paying 4 times more for worse speed. In addition, to my surprise, I found here real support, proactively seeking solutions specifically for your situation not just standard replies from the tech support manual.

– Ciprian Gavriliu, business owner

Claudia Tocila

My overall relationship with web hosting went very quickly from tense and always accompanied by negative emotions to carefree and comfortable once I switched to

– Claudia Tocila, blogger

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