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We help accelerate your growth by making your site faster & more scalable, with services ranging from WordPress & image optimization, fast & lightweight WordPress themes and up to high-performance WordPress-Nginx hosting on SSD cloud servers.

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Better Conversion Rate

Studies made by Amazon, Google & others had shown clearly that faster website have an improved conversion rate. The slower your website is, the less likely your visitor is to buy, contact you, or comment. 1 second slower equals 7% reduction in conversions.

More Pageviews

1 second delay in page load time equals 11% fewer pageviews. The faster your website loads, the more likely your visitors are to spend a larger amount of time on your website. That’s more pageviews for you and more money from ads.

Better Rankings

Google loves faster websites. A faster site ranks better in the search engines leading to more visitors to your site. Sure, we cannot guarantee better rankings in the search results, however having a faster website will increase your chances for better rankings.

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